Slipways & Boat Cradles

Slipways & Boat Cradles


Maintaining a slipway and boat cradle can be time consuming work. Several key assemblies need to be in good working order to allow a safe launch and recovery of your much loved vessel. Regular inspection and monitoring is highly recommended all year round.

Overtime, components such as the winch/cable, tracks, wheels and supporting foundations can become deteriorated and seized as a result of historical exposure to the elements and regular/limited use. This deterioration will often lead to the slipway being unsafe and unable to perform its intended purpose; getting you and your family on the water!

SDCS love embracing a good challenge. We have proven experience and outstanding results in bringing the dead back to life! We can visit your slipway and provide a comprehensive report on its current state and prepare maintenance and/or repair recommendations as required.

From the most basic of repairs i.e. winch cable replacements and wheel refurbishments to the more complex of tasks; initial builds, track replacements and full refurbishments. We would love to be involved.

No job is too small for us