Seawalls are designed to protect areas of human habitation from tidal movements and wash, in
addition to preventing the exchange of sediment between the land and water. The foreshore is generally a high-energy, dynamic environment with spatial variations over a wide range of timescales. The coast is exposed to erosion by rivers and winds as well as the sea and vessel traffic, so that a combination of denudational processes will work against a sea wall. Because of these persistent natural forces, sea walls need to be maintained (and eventually replaced) to maintain their effectiveness.

Seawalls that are poorly constructed, incorrectly maintained or very old WILL cause problems to the land they are designed to protect. If detected early, potential damage to property and assets behind the seawall barrier can be avoided, however if left untreated the path to repair can be very expensive and time consuming. Some of these problems may include but are not limited to:

  • Undermining/sinkholes (loss of ground sediment)
  • Damage to pools in close proximity
  • Unsafe transit areas
  • Damage to neighbouring properties
  • Damage to waterfront structures such as boat houses
  • Moisture and mould build up inside buildings
  • Collapse

If you suspect your seawall may need some attention and require a condition report conducted for peace of mind or prior to selling/buying your home, we can assist. All condition reports and repair recommendations are completed by qualified engineers and commercially licensed divers.

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