About Us

Communication. Precision. Completion.

We offer a wide range of foreshore planning and marine construction services. From refurbishments and repairs of existing waterfront developments to the construction of new and challenging projects in complex environments, we will do it for you. We work only with qualified engineers, planners, registered surveyors, licensed trades, and commercial divers. Our team & reliable suppliers help us deliver durable, robust solutions which successfully withstand the harsh marine environment.

Professional & Reliable

Our highly experienced and qualified divers can go anywhere and to any depth to complete your project. The waters of Sydney Harbour and all the potential problems you could encounter in your development are familiar to us. Therefore we can help you do what it takes to address the challenges ahead. We’re also ready to help with any emergency issues. Give us a phone call and let’s make your waterfront development a success – together!


We build, repair and maintain seawalls. We have extensive experience in dealing with undermining, sinkholes, erosion, and damage to nearby structures caused by degrading seawalls. Our fast interventions minimise damage while providing quick, quality repairs.

Slipways & Boat Cradles

Our highly qualified team can quickly inspect and assess damage to slipways. We can perform the required repairs & replacements very rapidly and ensure that your slipway is reliable and safe to use. We’re also ready to tackle more complex tasks, including initial builds, track replacements and full refurbishments.

Marine Contractors

Using only premium grade hardwood, we provide elegant and durable marine carpentry services. Floating pontoons, ramps, turpentine piles, stairs, jetties, wharves, replacements & refurbishments, demolitions & rebuilds – we offer everything that you need.

Underwater Services

Our fully-licensed ADAS divers can carry out demolitions, inspections and reports, repairs & maintenance and construction under water. Our premium underwater services include dredging, cleaning & inspection of potable water tanks and maintenance of below sea-level structures.

No job is too small for us